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COvid RElief concert at

charlack pub

In true TORCHLIGHT fashion the band got together with friends, family and Michael Myers to put on a show for Judy and the team at CHARLACK PUB with all proceeds going to the bar to help with those that have been shut down during these Covid times. As with every show it was a fun time for all.  Special thanks to Steve Ramone and his all star band for making it out. 

Torchlight Parade Album Release Party!


June 26th, 2020 will forever be a milestone day in the history of the band.

The day that the band released their debut album

appropriately titled “TORCHLIGHT PARADE”.


The party was hosted by Diamond Music Hall and TTAK Entertainment

and as you would expect the show was nothing short of a circus with everything you have come to expect from a TORCHLIGHT PARADE show.


The band is truly grateful for all the friends and family

that came out to enjoy an evening of music and celebration.

What is was even more impressive was the community support

that was shown as part of the admission into the show was to

make a canned food donation to the Arnold Food Pantry. 

Together we donated 846 pounds of food for the food pantry

and for that and for that we thank you.


Check out some photos and videos from the evening below.

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Danny 3741-.JPG

VIDEO of The opening ceremony with DJ Danya Artisi from KSHE-95 FM

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TLP June
Michael 3792-.JPG
Johnny Rod 5-3819-denoise-denoise.jpg

Johnny Rod from W.A.S.P.

steps in from time to time.

The John Ford Highland Pipe Band joins to play

AC/DC- It's A Long Way to the Top

To our Fans, thanks for making this party a success!

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